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License to Operate a Forklift Truck

Training the Nation:


License to Operate a Forklift Truck

Common Name:     Forklift Operation
Course Overview:
Forklift License Training aims to give participants hands on practical skills and knowledge in the safe and efficient operation of a counter-balance forklift. Participants will gain an understanding of applicable legislation:

• Forklift types and uses
• Load charts
• Load types and characteristics
• Lifting attachment types and uses
• Be able to plan work and manage risks
• Pre and post start checks
• Safe driving techniques
• Forklift stability
• Shift and maneuver a variety of loads
• Shutdown procedures and associated paperwork.

Units of Competency
• TLILIC2001A License to operate a forklift truck

There are no prerequisites to this operator’s license, however participants will not be able to apply for the HRW License until they are 18 years old. Participants will need a basic level of numeracy as course involves some calculations.

Course Delivery:
Training and assessment is conducted at the South Pacific Employment Institute facility Portion 474, Idubada Road, Idubada, Port Moresby. Upon arrangement, training and courses can be conducted onsite at the premises of industry clients.

Course Outcomes:
Forklift training is delivered to an Australian standard, and participants will receive a statement of License to operate a forklift truck (TLILIC2001A) with recognition of completion of Australian Units of Competencies.

Duration: 3 Days

Price:    TBA

Dates:    TBA

Work Opportunities:
Forklift Trucks are used across a range of industries including building and construction, horticulture, civil and resource industries, retail and warehousing.

Suitable For:
Forklift License Training is suitable for those who wish to operate a forklift truck within the Resources, Construction, Transport and retail industries.