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License to Perform Dogging

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License to Perform Dogging

Common Name:     Dogging
Course Overview:
Dogging Training aims to give participants the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently undertake dogging work in a range of working environments.

On completion, candidates will be able to competently undertake
• a range of slinging techniques;
• select and inspect lifting gear and equipment;
• direct crane operators in the safe movement and placement of loads including out of view of the crane operator.

Dogging Training also covers:
• applicable legislations and standards;
• risk management procedures relating to lifting operations;
• crane types,
• uses and characteristics;
• crane set up and other elements of crane and dogging operations.

Units of Competency
• CPCCLDG3001A – License to perform dogging

There are no prerequisites however, candidates will need to have sound literacy/numeracy skills, as well as sound computer skills. No other requirements are needed to enter in this course.

Course Delivery:
Training and assessment is conducted at the South Pacific Employment Institute facility Portion 474, Idubada Road, Idubada, Port Moresby. Upon arrangement, training and courses can be conducted onsite at the premises of industry clients.

Course Outcomes:
Dogging Training is delivered to an Australian standard, and participants will receive a statement of License to perform dogging (CPCCLDG3001A) with recognition of completion of Australian Units of Competencies.

Duration: TBA

Price:    TBA

Dates:    TBA

Work Opportunities:
Trainees who successfully complete this unit of competency and attain a license are able to work in the civil or resource industries as a Dogger where the load is out of site of the crane/plant operator.

Suitable For:
Dogging Training is required by, and suitable for, those who intend to work with cranes of all varieties, and those who may require to dog loads with load shifting equipment, within the Construction & Resource sectors.